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13/10/2006 OGM Minutes





        Present          Councillors:  Brigadier Rickett (Chairman), Lt Col Henderson (Vice Chairman)

Captain J. Castle RN (Hon.Treasurer), Mrs D. Pelcynski, Mrs G. Cathie (acting as Secretary).



Members of the Public:  Mr J. Coker, Mr & Mrs J & F Mathias, Mr K.Corner

Mr S. Grey (District Councillor), Mr C Saint (County County Concillor)



       Apologies        Mrs. L. Hayman-Joyce, Mrs D. Robertson, Mrs L. Graham


1.          The Chairman opened the meeting at 7pm.



2.          Matters arising from the Minutes of the 7th September 2006   

a)        A representative from Biffa is due tomorrow (14th) to repair damage done to Camden Close by one of their vans.

b)       Mr Cathie’s attention has been drawn to the low boughs of the oak tree on the village green.  He has promised to deal with the matter.

There being no more matters arising, apart from agenda item 2, the Chairman signed the Minutes.



3.          Planning Application     06/02337/FUL

Mr Mathias voiced his objection to the proposed new garage building on Mr. & Mrs Coker’s land.  He felt that the building would be too prominent, especially in a conservation area such as Barton-on-the-Heath.  The building would be overwhelming because of its height above his own property.  His photographs showed how the building might block out light to his property and which was only a matter of 12 metres away from the gable end of his house.


The Chairman thanked Mr Mathias and asked Mr Coker to address the meeting, he showed revised drawings:



a)        altering the height of the proposed building to have a lesser inpact on his neighbour’s house.

b)       the foundations would be deepened by a further ½ metre (thus lowering the ridge line and eave line by the same amounts)

c)        He proposed also removing a Velux window which would have overlooked the neighbouring property.                                                                                                                                                 It was generally felt that these modifications were now satisfactory to all parties and the  building was approved by the Parish Council.  Councillor Grey also seemed convinced that the revised plans were acceptable.  The Chairman stressed that old brick or stone should be used for the cladding.  Mr Mathias still objected to the building and would attend the East Avon planning meeting in Wellesbourne when the matter  would be further discussed.

4.            Budget 2007

The Hon Treasurer presented his first interim statement of receipts and

payments for the current year (6April – 13 Oct 2006). (Copy attached)



5.           Precept 2007-2008

The Hon Treasurer took the meeting through the Draft Precept Calculation for 2007/2008 outlining the best and worst case scenario depending on any allowance being given on grass cutting for the current year. (Copy attached). It was agreed that saving would have to be made to keep the Precept below last year’s figures.  The Hon Treasurer was tasked to look at these again and produce a new paper depending on the situation vis-a-vis the grass cutting allowance. Meanwhile the Deputy Chairman agreed to pursue his negotiations with the District Council on this subject in order that the situation could be clarified as soon as possible.


6.        Barton-on-the-Heath Website

In the absence of Mrs Linda Graham, it was agreed how much she and her husband were to be congratulated for the website, and all the ancillary work pertaining to this.




7.       a       The Chairman reported that the Little Compton Road would be closed for repairs to a culvert.  The dates for this are on the attached sheet from Councillor Saint.

b.        The Treasurer reported that Severn Trent Water would be carrying out works using footpaths through Barton Farm and would carry out further works in January or February in the village itself.

c.        Councillor Saint pointed out charges to local policing in the area and these are on the attached sheet.


8.               The date of the next Parish Council Meeting is to be on Friday 13th April 2007 at 7pm in the Old School Hall.  The Chairman closed the Meeting at 8pm






J F Rickett










Distribution of Minutes



Vice Chairman

Councillors: Mrs Cathie, Mrs                Hayman-Joyce, Mrs Pelczynski

Hon Treasurer  –  Captain Castle RN

Internal Audit  –   Mr Shipton

Clerk – Mrs Richardson

Mrs Graham

Mr Coker

Mr Mathias

County Councillor Saint

District Councillor Gray

Notice Board 1

Notice Board 2

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