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10/03/2008 PCC Agenda



St Lawrence Church, Barton-on-the-Heath


Monday 10th March 2008 at 6.00pm

in The Old School (winter venue)



The Annual Parochial Church Council Meeting 2008




1.        Apologies for absence.


2.        Matters arising from the Minutes of the Annual PCC Meeting held on 23 Apr 2007.

(Please bring your copy of these with you if possible.)


3.        Electoral Roll changes. Mr. Brown


4.        Chairman’s Report. Rev. Smith


5.        Financial Report for 2007


Mr. Brown


6         Churchwarden’s Report


Mr. Cathie


7.        Deanery Report Rev. Smith


8.        Elections:

i.   Churchwarden,

ii.   Deanery Synod Representative,

iii.  PCC Members


9.        Any other business.  




Parochial Church Council Meeting,  10th March 2008


1.        Appointments:

i.   Vice-Chairman

ii.   Secretary

iii.   Treasurer


2.         Matters arising from the Minutes of the PCC Meeting held on 21 Nov 2007.

(Please bring your copy of these with you if possible.)


3.        Report of PCC finances. Mr. Brown


4.        Quinquennial Inspection Report. Mr. Cathie

Mr. Henderson


5.        Church environment:

i.    Heating

ii.    Carpet


Mr. Shipton

Mrs. Brown


6         Outreach service


Mr. Fisher


7.        Any other business.  


8.        Date of next meeting.  


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