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21/05/2010 Chairman’s Report


  1. We won an award for the Best Kept Village Competition yet again, which is now a regular feature it seems!
  2. There were the normal three Ordinary General Meetings, which were held in May, October and February, with the AGM following the May meeting.
  3. There were three Planning Notifications in the year. One for an extension to Lilly Cottage, another for selling damson gin by Alex Wield chez the Wields and finally the replacement of windows at Campden Farm Cottage. All were passed by the Planners with strong endorsement by the PC.
  4. We received another “  Unqualified Opinion” for our Accounts to 31st March 2009.
  5. We have applied for a Precept for 2010-2011 for £875, the same as last year and most probably the same as next year.
  6. The Barton Village Website continues to flourish under the excellent direction of Linda Graham. Please do try harder to give Linda more inputs of interest.
  7. The salt bin “eyesore” has now been moved to the Little Compton road so that Antony Bristow can get at it easier in snowy conditions. Antony is to be congratulated and thanked most warmly for his enormous hard work in keeping this area open during the very bad conditions in January and February.

J F Rickett


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