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20/04/2007 AGM Minutes





Present                  Councillors: Brigadier Rickett (Chairman), Lt Col Henderson (Vice Chairman),

Mrs Pelcynski, Mrs Cathie, Captain Castle RN (Hon Treasurer), Mr Shipton (Internal Auditor), Mrs Richardson (Clerk)

Members of the Public: Mr M Hughes-Hallett, Mrs P Hughes-Hallett,

Mrs H Seymour-Smith, Mr C Seymour-Smith, County Councillor Chris Saint &

Councillor Gray.


1.        Apologies:             Councillor Mrs Hayman-Joyce, Mrs Graham.



2.        Minutes of the AGM held on 19th May 2006 were read, approved and signed.  There were no matters arising.



3.        The Accounts for the year ending 11th April 2006 were read by Captain Castle and were approved and signed.  Copy attached.



4.        The Chairman’s Report 2006 / 2007 was read by Brigadier Rickett (copy attached).



5.        Expenses by Officers 2005/2006.  Copy attached.  These have been settled by the Hon Treasurer.



6.        Election of a Chairman 2006/2007

Brigadier Rickett was elected and accepted.



7.        Election of Vice-Chairman 2006/2007

Lt Col Henderson was elected and accepted.



  1. Appointment of a Clerk 2006/2007  – Mrs Doreen Richardson sadly does not wish to carry on. The

Chairman undertook to try and find a replacement.  The Chairman thanked Mrs Richardson for the hard work she had done during her tenure in office.

Appointment of a Hon Treasurer 2006/2007 – Captain John Castle was elected and accepted.

Appointment of a Internal Auditor 2006/2007 – Mr John Shipton was elected and accepted.



  1. Any Other Business   a. Councillor C Saint distributed his annual report to Parishes and other general information, which is attached.  b. The Treasurer brought to the council’s attention the very poor state of the road from Barton to Kitebrook*.  c. County Councillor Saint drew attention of the council to the support that there is for those elderly or infirmed, helping them to continue remaining their homes and the village. d. The Chairman asked if dustbins would continue to be emptied each week;  he was assured this would be so, particularly as Stratford District council were commended for the high percentage of waste that is being re-cycled.

*Afternote:  The road is now being repaired

The next Annual General Meeting will be April/May 2008. Exact date to be notified.


J F Rickett


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Distribution of Minutes



Vice Chairman

Councillors:           Cathie



Hon Treasurer – Captain Castle RN

Internal Auditor – Mr Shipton

Clerk – Mrs Doreen Richardson

Minute Book

County Councillor Saint

District Councillor Gray

Notice Board 1

Notice Board 2

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