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18/04/2008 OGM Minutes







Present:           Councillors: Brigadier J F Rickett (Chairman), Lt Col J B Henderson

(Vice Chairman) Councillors Mrs Peleczyski, Mrs Cathie

Captain Castle RN (Hon Treasurer)


Apologies        Mrs Hayman-Joyce


In attendance: Mr M. Hughes-Hallett, Mr J. Shipton, Mr & Mrs Poulsom, Mr K. Morris

Mrs Pettifer, Councillor C. Saint, Councillor S. Gray


1.         The Chairman opened the meeting at 7pm.


2.         Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 9th November 2007 were read and signed.  The following matters arising were discussed:


a.       Lt Col Henderson stated that he had managed to obtain the finance from a fund in Warwickshire C.C. to pay for the speed camera for the local police.  He would be presenting the camera to the police at Shipton shortly.

b.      He also stated that he had written again to the District Council about the replacement of our stolen road signs.  To date he still had not received any response.  Councillor Saint said that he would try and help over this. He further stated that the new director of Highways, a Mr Paul Gallow was extremely helpful.


3.         Planning Matters


Hill Barn (07/01486/FUL), the subject was outlined by Mr & Mrs Seymour-Smith

at the Ordinary General Meeting on 20th April 2007.  It was for the building of an “Eco-friendly” house on the site of the Hill Barn.  The planning application went to a STOUR AREA planning meeting at Willisbourne on 4th September 2007 where it was strongly supported by the Parish Council but opposed by the District Council planners; the elected councillors however supported the application, subsequently the application went to the Planning Regulation Committee at the District Council where once again the Parish Council and elected Councillors supported the application, so, the project will go ahead starting on 15th July 2008.







4.         Best Village Competition



a.       The Chairman outlined the FORMAT for this competition.  After some discussion it was agreed to enter the Environment Category. Afternote:  The Chairman, in consultation with Mrs Lynda Graham, has also entered the village for the Communication Category as well.


b.   Village Clean Up day is to be on Saturday 31st May starting at 10am. The

Deputy Chairman volunteered to provide refreshments in the Village Hall

afterwards.  The Chairman will issue the usual task table shortly.


5.         Any other Business



a.       Lt Col Henderson stated that the Corporate Homicide and Manslaughter Act had been passed by H.M. G.


b.      Mrs Pettifer raised the matter of Community First Response, which was

warmly endorsed by all the Council. (Copy attached)

c.       Councillor Gray raised the point on Community links and the future of waste collection (copies attached).


d.      Councillor Saint stated that there had been an increase of £3.9m in the Highways and Draining budget. Among other points he also mentioned the forthcoming speed restriction of 50 m.p.h. on sections of the A44, which included the section from Morton-in-Marsh through Kitebrook and beyond.


e.       The Chairman warmly thanked Mrs Lynda Graham for running the website so well.  He urged everyone present to contribute to this in any way they could.



Date of the next Meeting



a.   An Extra Ordinary Meeting Friday 13th June at 7 p.m.

(To discuss the accounts 2007/2008 for the external audit)



b.      Ordinary Meeting Friday 10th October at 7pm.








Distribution of Minutes:


Vice Chairman

Councillors: Cathie



Hon Treasurer – Captain Castle RN

Internal Auditor – Mr Shipton

Clerk – Mrs J. Hanks

Minute Book

Notice Board 1

Notice Board 2

District Councillor Gray

District Councillor Saint

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