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Barton History Group

The Barton History Group (all two of us!) are planning a series of talks this year covering the history of the village from the earliest evidence of the early bronze age through to the beginning of the twentieth century. The first meeting will be held on Friday 25 April at 7 pm in the Village Hall, where the agenda will cover early artefacts and evidence in the landscape, the Anglo Saxon period and Domesday Book, early Parish Records and the changes in the village population.

Later meetings will cover the parish entries in the Warwickshire Feet of Fines, the seventeenth century changes in ownership of Barton House and lands, the enclosure of the village, the Civil War, the history of the Village Hall, tithes and much more. There will be half-time refreshments during the talks, and with free entry it is hoped there will be some generous donations towards the upkeep of our beautiful Village Hall, the location of our mid-nineteenth Village School. All are welcome.

John Castle and Colin Maynell

(via LINK Magazine)

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