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22/02/2013 OGM Minutes



HELD IN THE VILLAGE HALL on 22nd February 2013 at 5pm


Councillors: Brigadier J F Rickett (Chairman), Lt Col J B Henderson (Vice- Chairman), Mrs G Cathie, Mrs D Pelczynski

Clerk: Mrs H Seymour-Smith

Hon. Treasurer: Capt J Castle RN

Mr J Shipton (Internal Auditor) Public: Mr D Poulsom, Mr J Matthias,

1. Apologies: Mrs L Hayman-Joyce, County Councillor C Saint, District Councillor S Gray

2. The Minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting on the 19th December 2012 were approved, and the Chairman signed them. Matters arising:

a) The Clerk reported that the consultation form for the planning application for the change of use at Hill Barn had been received, and that the Parish Council’s support for the application discussed at the meeting on the 19th December had been relayed to Stratford District Council.

b) Village website: The Chairman reported that he had spoken to Linda Graham, and the Clerk had spoken to Steve Johnston, and both were happy to work together on the village website.

3. Financial matters: The Hon Treasurer reported that he had sent in the formal application for the 1013/14 Precept to Stratford which had been set at £979 at the Ordinary General Meeting held on 12 October 2012.

He then presented the third interim statement of the village finances, adding that he had taken over responsibility for paying for the Website from Linda Graham. £107.46 was available to the Council in the current account and £982.37 in the savings account.

The Vice-Chairman said the PCC had asked if the PC would contribute to the maintenance of the church yard. The Chairman asked how much they had in mind. The Vice Chairman to ask the PCC, for a written request, which the PC will then consider.

4. Village Clean Up: It was agreed that this would take place on Saturday 11th May. The Vice-Chairman to organise, and Mrs Cathie offered to cater.

5. Any other business:

a. TheVice-ChairmanaskedaboutimplementingaNeighbourhoodplan.

The Hon. Treasurer reported that he would look into the possibility of Barton preparing one, and it was agreed that Colin Meynell should be asked if he would be prepared to help.

b. The Internal Auditor raised the issue of road safety in respect of Eddie Hicks’ development, which has now been given planning permission. He asked if it would be possible to speak to WCC and ask them to move the speed signs 200m down the Barton and Wolford roads. The Vice- Chairman said he would speak to Mervyn Hancock about this.

6. Date of next meeting:

Ordinary General Meeting Friday 7th June 2013, 7pm

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